I started to write a long bio, then realized a list of key facts would be better. You can always hit me up directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or Gmail if you’d like to know more.

Home – Asbury Park, NJ
Hobbies – Surfing, photography, exploring, I enjoy a good bike ride to the beach, and more surfing!
Education –  Monmouth University Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication specializing in Public Relations, Digital Media, and Journalism
Experience – My career started at a young age for a concert promotions and band management company called Excess dB EntertainmentAs a mere 17-year-old I worked directly with tour managers, lawyers, the artists themselves, and the owners of Excess dB. No, I did not go on coffee runs…I picked up food. Seriously, I helped promote the shows throughout New Jersey, assistant managed the street team creating schedules, managed call inquiries, and many other miscellaneous tasks most teenagers are not usually trusted with. After all these years they still like me over there…

Excess dB Heath Miller RecommendationExcess dB Casey McCabe Recommendation

Fast forward >>
I stuck with marketing music by freelancing and interning for companies like A.D.D. Marketing, EMI Group (mainly Virgin Records), and Artist Arena. Entertainment marketing became a passion of mine and I started working for an amazing website Shifted2U.com. My work with Shifted allows me access to tons of events like CMJ, New York Fashion Week, and press conferences (I got to interview Liam Neeson once and it was awesome). Through these events I make great connections with very talented people. I also started Lifer Media, which is my professional and personal outlet for my digital marketing adventures. I have built websites for artists, actors, videographers, and all sorts of interesting people. However, I have different plans for Lifer now, which you will be seeing in the “near” future.

Miscellaneous – I want a dog. Macs are great, but way too expensive. In the business world I look up to Richard Branson, Sarah Evans, and Lee Odden. The iPhone 4 and 4s should not have been built with a glass back. I use a Canon 60D for my photos and video right now, and I LOVE it. My hair is almost long enough to donate, so I will be getting a haircut soon. New York should be sharing their sports teams if they are going to play in New Jersey. I like Red Bull as a company, but not as a drink. Please drop me a line or just connect with me on any social network I am part of. I love meeting new, creative people who want to collaborate or trade knowledge.
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