Go Pro Marketing

GoPro And Go Do Something Exciting

You have time, so watch this commercial. Then read on after the jump. Are you completely stoked? Of course you are because GoPro’s marketing campaigns are intoxicating. I have one (original HD) and barely use it, but watching that commercial... Read more →
Mashable Behind The Launch

Vungle Startup Series

Earlier this year I came across the “Behind The Launch” series from Mashable. This web-series follows the startup Vungle as it finds employees, gets funding, networks, closes deals, and finally launches its product. The only problem... Read more →
How To Blog

One Of The Best Blog Posts Of 2012

Yes, that is a bold statement, but there are several reasons why I believe Transworld Surf has one of the best blog posts I have seen in 2012. Besides being a surfer there are actual values I factored in as a digital marketer, so here is the... Read more →

New York Winter Photography Continued

More pictures from NYC!!! The quote above by Kenneth Burke definitely speaks to me at this time in my life, so I hoep you enjoy it. The poem is entitled “Temporary Well Being” and in its entirety: The pond is plenteous The land is lush, ... Read more →

Living The Dream In New Jersey

This right here is the product of hard work. Take a long hard look at this custom skimboard, and keep in mind this is what you get when you stay true to yourself and your goals. In the beginning of January I honored ToeKneeABC123.com as my... Read more →

Carvin Art New Jersey Surf Art

If you surf, then you know the dismay of breaking a board. Surfers (mainly those of us that can’t afford a new board every month) grow attached to their boards because we carefully chose which one fits our style, and we spend so much time... Read more →

Superbowl 2012 Commercials

Super Bowl commercials are better than the game. Honestly, I didn’t even finish watching the second half because I wanted to watch some HBO and Showtime shows. However, Doritos, Volkswagen, and many others were pretty good this year, but... Read more →
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