Go Pro Marketing

GoPro And Go Do Something Exciting

You have time, so watch this commercial. Then read on after the jump. Are you completely stoked? Of course you are because GoPro’s marketing campaigns are intoxicating. I have one (original HD) and barely use it, but watching that commercial... Read more →

Carvin Art New Jersey Surf Art

If you surf, then you know the dismay of breaking a board. Surfers (mainly those of us that can’t afford a new board every month) grow attached to their boards because we carefully chose which one fits our style, and we spend so much time... Read more →

PS Vita And Uncharted Golden Abyss

We know all you PSP gamers have just been itching for the new PS Vita to arrive. Above is a nice hands-on review from our friends Shifted2U featuring Uncharted Golden Abyss. The touch screen is a good upgrade feature, but the added BACK touch... Read more →
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