Freelancing and Photography Motivation

Waking up to articles like the the countdown to Apple’s Keynote today get me super excited. These presentation are a key point in progression, which in turn makes me want to progress so I can afford these new toys.

As a New Jersey internet marketing freelancer, it is important to constantly want to progress. I absolutely love what I do, and sometimes I hit a wall. Today two articles (besides Apple’s keynote),  got my mind in the right place. “How To Start Freelancing With No Experience” from Mashable brought me back to what I  should be doing at a base level to progress. Finding clients is most definitely hard, but if you have a set process it becomes much easier. One of the problems I have is showing my skills. Mainly because I know my skills and often forget how to present them properly and not just long discussions over drinks at the bar.

The second article that got me all stoked for the day is “Oakley Presents ‘Fear & Loathing in Australia’ with Arto Saari, Eric Koston and More” by Highsnobiety. Although I do not skate anymore, the skating culture is undeniably awesome. I love how the video points out how great of a photographer Arto is because of his days as a professional skater. This ties in well with “Choose Your Craft” in the Mashable article. You may have more skill sets than you think, and it is important to explore. if you have a camera, be prepared to want to go shoot something you love!


Bonus: Another great article you might like is “How to Make Decisions That Will Define You.” As a NJ internet marketing freelancer, I have to make hard decisions on what clients to take on and what direction to head in. This helped me think about how to make the better decision.

Written by Michael Forgie

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