How to Get Followers on Tumblr

How To Get Followers On TumblrAlthough I use WordPress, Tumblr is a great blogging platform that I have successfully used in the past. With certain tweaks the themes can be manipulated into attractive branding and entertaining blogs. Tumblr also offers effective ways to reach niche markets, and thus the reason for this post. Here are some tips on how to get followers on Tumblr.

First things first, back to basics, etc. CONTENT! Yes, you need attractive and engaging content. Your audience will share the post they love giving you free, non-time consuming promotion. Tumblr is a very visual platform, so use photos (especially GIFs) to your advantage.

Tags are the best way to define your content. They help others find your content when using Only use tags relavent to your post.

How do you actively gain a following? Search for it. Search for other blogs with similar content using and follow them. You should also share/reblog their posts. If the blogger has an “Ask” box, then that is an open invitation to connect one a personal level. I do not suggest writing “hey we have similar interests so follow me.” Tell the blogger a specific post you like of theirs and why you like it. If you are lucky they might just reply with more like it, and in turn you can suggest simliar posts of yours.

Tumblr Infographic - How to Get Tumblr Followers

Now get off Tumblr and use other social media platforms to promote your content. Tweet, Share, Pin!!!

Just updated: Do you like photography? Are you a photographer? Then Learn How to Set Up a Photography Portfolio and Get Followers on Tumblr

Do you want to learn how to effectively use other social media platforms? Then simply ask me using the contact page.

Written by Michael Forgie

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