How to Set Up a Photography Portfolio and Get Followers on Tumblr

This is a specified extension of my post my post “How Do I Get More Followers on Tumblr?” I love photography, and I know many people do not have the money to pay hundreds of dollars for site. So, save your money for some new prime lenses.

Get More Tumblr FollowersLet’s focus on photography (get it!! shut up it was clever). Images and blogging are like peanut butter and jelly with bacon and bananas, it just seems to all fit together. So, you are a photographer, or want to be one, and need a website to showcase your skills and get leads and become a star. You decide, “I am going to have such an awesome website, my buddy said he would make it for me.” But he/she never gets around to it. So, you decide to make your very own website! But for what you are paying GoDaddy, you are not even impressed yourself. What ever shall you do?!?! Tumble, that’s what.

Making a portfolio on Tumblr is super easy. Promoting it is easy. And finding inspiration on what to shoot that will get you noticed is even more super easy!

First, I suggest if you want to look more professional, register a real domain name so you don’t have to use, then sign up and sign in to Tumblr. Signed in? Good, now click the sprocket at the top for settings. Here is where you will change your avatar (I suggest a really attractive photo or logo, not the default silhouette or a weed leaf), check the “Ask” box, check automate to Twitter (not Facebook), then head back to the top and check “Use a custom domain name.” Call up whatever site you got your domain name from and have them walk you through the process. All the platforms are annoying to deal with, so just have someone walk you through it.

You’re done…psych

How to Get Followers to Your Tumblr

Get More Tumblr FollowersHead back to the Dashboard, click “Customize” next to “Theme,” and this is where you make your portfolio shine. Change your theme (I suggest a continuous scrolling one and there are photography centric themes). A theme with a  “Custom Links” section is perfect to add, and replace “blah” with a keyword you use to describe your pictures. Maybe you shoot models, so one link could be “Guys” and the other “Girls.” Different category links will help your visitors navigate your content.

However, not all themes have a “Custom Links” section. So click “Add a page” and use the same URL structure as mentioned above, give it a title, show it in the navigation, and you are done with that page. Yours tagged posts will propagate that page. Make an “About” page and “Contact” page, so people can connect with you! All of this easy navigation will only help the chances of your visitors returning.

Ok, so your Tumblr is pretty much set up. It does not have to have a bunch of bells and whistles, just look at Terry’s Diary. His Tumblr is amazing and very minimalist. “But how do I get more followers to my tumblr?” you may ask. The answer is type “” into your browser and replace “search” with one of your keywords or “photography” or both! These blogs with similar content are perfect to connect with. If they have an “Ask” button you can start a conversation and gain a valuable connection who might share your content with their already established following.

Visit and to find successful Tumblr photography blogs that are centrally themed around…you guessed it, photography. If you shoot fashion, then is perfect!

Look at you go! You are Tumbling! I suggest to keep posting galleries to maybe 3-5 pictures, but leaking photos one by one will give you time to work on, and promote, your content. Side tips: Pin your photos from your Tumblr to your Pinterest boards, make sure you have Google Analytics installed, and engage with your followers from Tumblr on other social networks as well.

Do you need more help? I would love to help you set up a Tumblr for whatever niche you are in. Please use the contact form below to contact me.

Written by Michael Forgie

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