Motivation to Meet the People You Want To Meet

Have you ever wanted to meet a business idol? Or talk to a thought leader in your industry? With social networks like Twitter, you can easily begin engaging with people who you idolize, or those who can help build your career. Derek Halpern is the founder of Social Triggers. His energy in his new videos is addictive, and he has the kind of personality that make you believe he isn’t lying to you. In this video on “How to Meet New People Who Want to Help Your Business Career” Derek explains how to properly introduce yourself and offer worth to those you look up to.

How to Meet People

I love this video because I have used tactics like these before to connect with people like Sarah Evans, Lee Odden, and Amy Schmittauer on Twitter, and even Richard Branson on Instagram (which was awesome).

For instance: Sarah Evans was looking to review InstaDM, which is a direct messaging service for Instagram. I saw her post on Instagram that said she had it and wanted followers to hit her up, so I did. We talked for a little bit on InstaDM, and as you can see she posted it on her site When we were closing the conversation I said I would love to help out review any other apps, and she actually asked me to let her know what I thought about this new site called Tracky. Of course I jumped a the chance to help Sarah out more and gave her my honest opinion. Not too long after, Sarah became the Chief Evangelist of Tracky.

Written by Michael Forgie

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