Motivational Video Monday for Surfing

I know not everyone is a surfer (and happy about that), but I chose this motivational video because I wanted to surf this morning before work and it was too small. Little fact you may or may not know about me is I love surfing. When I was younger I fractured my sternum (center of my chest), which made it really hard to lay down on a board and push up. So I quit for a while and pretty much focused on music promotion.

I met my buddy Chris a few years later, and with very little convincing I picked up the sport again. It was extremely hard getting back in the water after all those years and I kooked out all the time. I aggravated the hell out of the bump in my chest, but it eventually fully calcified over and didn’t hurt anymore. If you don’t know anything about surfing, you should know it is not easy. Your arms and shoulders will turn into jello and the current will wear you out completely.

It has been a few years since I started surfing again, and it was going out every chance I got in the summer or winter and kooking out until I got any skill back. Surfing has definitely been my  to keep trying everything I possibly can and believing I can do it.

Think you can’t do something? Imagine being this guy, then heading back out for the next wave.

Motivational Video Surfing

Written by Michael Forgie

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