Motivational Video Surfing

Motivational Video Monday for Surfing

I know not everyone is a surfer (and happy about that), but I chose this motivational video because I wanted to surf this morning before work and it was too small. Little fact you may or may not know about me is I love surfing. When I was younger... Read more →
New Jersey Surfing

A Big Surf Day In NJ

Disclaimer: Listen, west coasters, the east coast does not have waves. Actually, we don’t even have an ocean. That body of water they call the “Atlantic” is actually a giant front-lawn kiddie pool. I photoshopped each of these... Read more →
iPhone Jean Fade

iPhone Jeans Problem

You are not alone, and there is nothing you should be ashamed of. This is an epidemic that has been plaguing our society since the iPhone was invented. I am talking about…phone fade. Unfortunately, my personal studies have not allowed... Read more →
Go Pro Marketing

GoPro And Go Do Something Exciting

You have time, so watch this commercial. Then read on after the jump. Are you completely stoked? Of course you are because GoPro’s marketing campaigns are intoxicating. I have one (original HD) and barely use it, but watching that commercial... Read more →
Alexandra Vino

Marketing For Actors

No. This will not tell you how to land the perfect job. Yes. These tips will help you get exposure, as well as traffic to your acting website. As an actor/actress your best social media outlets are obviously centered around video.┬áBoth Vimeo... Read more →
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