Target Marketing

What’s the point of launching a website or a starting brand that no one will see? With my Search Marketing and Social Media outreach tools, I  do more than post updates of Facebook,  I make sure that you’re connected to the right audience and right customer base.

If you visited my Web section already, then you probably read about (if you didn’t visit, then why not cruise over there and see what all the fuss is about) . This picks up where the web design left off.

ToeKnee now has a website, we had a launch party, and he is loading all of his awesome content, but the only people visiting are his friends. This does not fly with me or ToeKnee, but he has no idea about target marketing. Thankfully all of the videos on the site gave us plenty of content to promote, and since it is focused on skimboarding we have a niche market.

I directed ToeKnee to continue updating his personal Facebook with his content to let his friends know what is up, and if someone was in one of the videos he should @ mention them in the update or post it to their wall as well. In the mean time I searched the interweb near and far. Did you know people on Twitter actually like skimboarding? Or that there were blogs where people posted videos they liked of skimboarding? Or even that there are tools that allow you to find all these outlets? Well, I did and I attacked viscously…not really, but I did contact as many people as I could.

For those that don’t know, skimboarding is a sport with a small audience. However, this audience is all around the world. We managed to get about 3,000 visitors monthly to when we were in full swing, which is a pretty awesome amount. This amount was so great that ToeKnee was offered money to put adds on his site (if you read the Web section, then you would know we built a sidebar just in case this happened). Yes, he is now getting paid to do what he loved to do! Also, ToeKnee gained sponsorships, was flown to Brasil to film, and even got his own pro-model skimboard by ZAP. Success story…I think so.

Now for a little Public Relations work. I mean, I was a PR Major in college after-all. This story is about a photographer named Kelly Dochney who gained a little bit of unexpected popularity from one of her photos. How about you read the article “Hot Rods and Hot Butches” to get a background, then after the jump I will tell you how I landed her in Curve Magazine.

 Tons of photographers take candid photos every single day, and post them to Flickr. So what makes Kelly any different? The fact she had a target market, and me to help. I wrote her up a search engine optimized press release, and distributed it to magazines and blogs that were related to her subject matter. No, I did not have any previous connections to these outlets, but I knew how to get them, and I knew how to present the  story in a way to make it interesting.

Ok, you don’t have to beg. Here is one more story. This one involves my good friend John Sullivan, who I mentioned in the Web section as well. John loves the band Death From Above 1979, so when he saw they were playing the Coachella music festival he decided to honor the band by making a hand drawn picture of them.

Death From Above 1979 by John Sullivan

John did not stop at Death From Above 1979 though. He went on to design twenty more posters featuring: Sleigh Bells, Arcade Fire, Black Keys, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Twin Shadow, Best Coast, Ariel Pink, Crystal Castles, Erykah Badu, Cee Lo Green, Lightning Bolt, and PJ Harvey. Along with the artists performing at Coachella, mock-ups for George Foreman, Jim Henson, Stedman Graham, and a Chippendale Dancer were also produced just for fun.

What does this all matter? John and I decided to promote the heck out of these posters via Twitter and contacting related sites, which resulted in some positive feedback. Twin Shadow, for example, honored Sullivan with a blog post on showcasing the the poster of the musician himself and suggested others check out the rest of the posters.

Unfortunately, the not all responses were as supportive. The official online forum on did not respond well to Sullivan’s artwork. Being met with comments such as, “looks like my 9 year old sister drew these. don’t quit your day job” or simply “fail”, the peak of the posters’ popularity seemed to be diminished. That is until a positive notion appeared from the printing service used by Coachella to produce their promotional items. “I would like to see what the ‘fail’ people can produce for free on their own” stated Michael Rocchio, Vice President of “I would totally print these. I am in fact in a position to do so… for free.”

Shortly after, Sullivan received an email from Michael Rocchio who followed through on his statement. Sullivan received two copies of all 20 posters (yes this includes George Foreman, Jim Henson, Stedman Graham, and the Chippendale Dancer), and a promise that these posters were printed and handed to key players in the Coachella festival, such as festival promoter Paul Tollett. Pretty awesome, right? Doesn’t stop there because John’s work was also featured on

I hope these stories gave you some inclination to consider me the right person to find your target market.