I LOVE my camera, and I try to use it as much as possible. This has landed me in some pretty awesome places like The International Auto Show in New York, Exxxotica, New York Fashion Week, and CMJ Music Festival.

Most of my content goes up on Shifted2U.comand if you have a relevant topic for the site I would be glad to cover it. I also offer my services to create promo videos, which teams perfectly with my Target Marketing techniques. If you have been perusing around the site you might have read about ToeKnee, and I hope you like him because we truly enjoy collaborating on video production. For now check out some videos, then fill out the form.

On the West Coast? Don’t worry, ToeKnee and I have you covered.

Another one of my favorite people to collaborate with is Dave Allen of Uproar East.

Some more random projects.

Above is a video of Shepard Fairey‘s work posted around Asbury Park, NJ and the art gallery he was feature in. This video in turn was actually featured almost a year later in Art629 Gallery where Fairey’s work was displayed again.

I do enjoy a good party, so when I get paid to film them I am totally down. The video above is of a Halloween party featuring the amazing DJ skills of The Disco Fries, Cati, and Alex Donofrio. Honestly, who doesn’t want to watch the highlights of all the good times they had?

I admit it, the live music does not sound the best, but at this point I was a one man army. Since the release of this video I have teamed up with two crews to offer the best quality I can. The Parlor Mob is an amazing band, and I was glad to shoot the live video for their hit single “Into The Sun”.