Wanderlust Part 1 of 5 – A Road-trip to the Florida Keys and Back

On May 4th, my girlfriend and I embarked on an amazing journey. Our goal was to take i-95 and shoot down to the Florida Keys and relax for a few days. We would then race up to Philadelphia so I could attend an event for work on the 17th.

How Our Florida Keys Relaxation Trip Changed to Constant Adventure

We had no plans, just the road ahead of us. The bright lights, hundreds of billboards, and the thrill of being able to do whatever we wanted grabbed our wandering minds and guided us to classic (and not so classic) roadside attractions, beautiful views, and much more.

Not one penny was spent on a hotel. We packed sleeping bags, a tent, more Pirate’s Booty than anyone could ask for (thank you Pirate’s Booty, we appreciate the donation), and some essential, then loaded up our rented Toyota Prius. The photos that follow and that will be posted up in the rest of the five part series will tell the tale of our super-fun, awesome, entertaining, gorgeous trip. We used a Canon 60D, GoPro, and iPhones to capture these awesome moments.


Written by Michael Forgie

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  1. archie blandrews says:

    “Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?”
    what if i just leave On The Road comments on every entry about this trip
    what if i just leave The Road comments on every entry
    what if i just leave Mad Max: Road Warrior comments on every entry
    now we are getting somewhere and/or that escalated to apocalyptic pretty quickly
    well… it WAS florida

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