Wanderlust Part 2 of 5 – Florida Keys Road-trip Gets Cut Short

Adventures continue part two! We finally made it to Florida, which was only a day and a half drive and we took our time. Eva wanted to see this place she used to love as a kid called the Coral Castle. The story behind it is a little creepy. Basically this weird older guy obsesses over a really young girl who doesn’t love him, so he makes her this castle. She doesn’t care, so he dies alone.

Less Attractions More Florida Keys Action

Finally, we make it to the the Florida Keys where we plan to relax for several days until it is time to head home. Two suggestions: Camp at Knights Key because it is cheap, there are showers, WiFi is free, there is a great bar right next to it, and you can go into the campsite after it closes if you are arriving lates. I said two…if you want to snorkel, use Sunset Watersports. There are some glamorous water adventures, but Sunset has free beer, will take you to two great spots, and you get a sunset cruise for only $40 a person. Pretty hard to beat.

We stayed in the Florida Keys for one more night. Eva and I absolutely loved the islands and attractions, but we just couldn’t stay still. Apparently we missed the awesome party where everyone walks around naked in Key West. So, why stay except to legally drink the streets?

Written by Michael Forgie

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