Wanderlust Part 3 of 5 – A Road-trip to the Florida Keys Turns Into Universal Studios and Quarries

Yes, the Florida Keys are gorgeous. However, when you get bit by the adventure bug, you just go for it. I have been to Disney World, but I have never been to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Of course, we arrived a litte later than we would have liked, and Islands of Adventure was going to close a few hours before Universal. The man at the gate was very persuasive so we bought tickets for both, especially since he said all the classics were open (like Jurassic Park Rive Adventure, I made sure of this).

Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and Lucky Dog

I highly suggest you go on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It is a great mix of a roller coaster, props, and screens. Since Islands of Adventure was closing so soon, Eva and I ran through it quickly and only went on a couple rides, but we went on pretty much every ride at Universal Studios like ET, The Simpsons, and Jurassic Park…wait never mind Jurassic Park was closed! I am still a tad bitter about this, but just more reason to go back. If that guy is at the gate agin, he will get an earful.

After the theme park Eva and I visited both of our grandparents, who both like in Fort Lauderdale (who woulda thought?). We also made our way to Jacksonville to see Eva’s mother during the day. Enter Lucky, (one sweet dog), a gorgeous quarry, and the chickens. I have never held a chicken before. Did you know if you grab their tails they squat and you can pick them up?

After visiting Eva’s mom, we headed to meet my cousin Jeff who also lived in Jacksonville. Enter beds. This is the only time we slept in a bed the entire trip until the end in Philadelphia.

Written by Michael Forgie

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  1. Stan says:

    Great photos of what looks like a wonderful adventure to Universal Studio! I have heard it’s a great place for both adults and kids alike!

  2. That it is Stan. I absolutely loved it!

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