Website Design

So you want a website and thought you could do it yourself. Then all of these terms started coming up like domain registration, dns, php, html, hosting, and that’s before you even got a chance to choose your header logo and insert your Twitter widget. Let me take care of this. I can make the site easy for your visitors to navigate, make it search engine optimized, and you will have control of the back end to update things like your blog. I work with you to design your site because, after all, it is YOUR site.


Toe Knee ABC 123 .com was a wild project. ToeKnee is a skimboarder/video editor from New Jersey. He also tried to build his website for months with nothing to show for it except a plan to premiere it at one of NJ’s biggest skimboarding competitions. So about a week before the competition ToeKnee hits me up and says he has no idea what to do, and kindly asks me for help. Yes, I now have a week to do this. I enlisted a good friend of mine, John Sullivan, to help out. John is one of the most creative people I know and we have worked together on many projects. ToeKnee, however, had all these hand drawn icons, a navigation idea based on the seasons, and some random crazy pages he wanted like Clouds that he did not want to give up. John and I went quickly to work figuring out the best way to present these icons and organize ToeKnee’s content. The result = a site that directs all the visitor’s attention to what we want it to. The navigation is positioned right next to the header so the natural flow of eye movement sees the seasonal icons as soon as possible and strikes curiosity. There is a Featured video spot because ToeKnee updates the site constantly, but his best content should be in the forefront. And finally, we added a right sidebar because we had big plans for ToeKnee and he was going to need advertising space. Visit the Target Marketing section to see how we drove traffic to and how ToeKnee now gets paid for these videos. Anyway, we launched the site right before the competition, and ToeKnee held a screening party at a local bar to celebrate the new site. Operation = success! definitely needed a facelift when I first encountered it. The website features videos about what inspires hiphop and rap artists such as RZA, TechN9ne, and Tsu Surf. The only problem was when visitors first entered the site all they saw was a header image and a bunch of written posts about the artists. The Bee Shine had hundreds of videos and none of them were even shown on the front page! So a redesign meant the videos were to be a prominent element when a visitor entered the site. The key here is content is king, and even if you have a huge artist featured on your site it doesn’t mean anything if no one can see it. The first impression is a lasting one. Now the site is much more aesthetically appealing and visitors get a general idea of what the site is about right when they enter. But what about all this awesome content? Well, visit the Target Marketing section to see how we helped spread the word to increase viewership to The Bee Shine’s videos and drive some traffic to the site.


Alexandra Vino Website

Miss Alexandra Vino is a rising actress and a good friend of mine. When she began to flourish on the auditioning circuit it was critical that she had an online presence. Just like any actor/actress starting out Alexandra was living on a tight budget; therefore, we worked together to create a quick site showcasing her credibility. We used an existing WordPress theme Alexandra liked and manipulated it to feature her most recent headshot on the front page (so prospective casting directors know they are at the right place). Alexandra also has control over her pages so she can add new content to her Portfolio, or update the News section, or change the site all together. The Resume page features an image of the most up-to-date resume, but also links to a downloadable PDF file. This feature is clutch considering the resume can be viewed on devices like the iPad, but also able to be stored after Alexandra kills it in her audition.